Monday, March 2, 2009

birthday decorations

Next Sunday my youngest turns 18. Anyone reading this who has older children will agree when I ask, where did the time go? There is a book, "Five Minutes Peace", about a mother elephant trying to get just 5 minutes alone to relax. Of course, she is unsuccessful. I vividly remember those days. We have a boy and a girl and I tell each of them something special about how they transformed my life. I tell Claire that she made my life complete, the ideal family, a boy and a girl. Truth be told, if I was guaranteed another girl, I would have had a third child. I wish Claire had a sister. I just remembered, today is my sister's birthday.

So... all that said, my original thought for this post was the birthday banner I made.
I am pleased with the results and had a very fun time making it. As soon as I finish I will hang it to enjoy all week and take a picture to post. Finished!!! I took a full shot and a close up to highlight some of the details.

The past week was full of projects. I started the vintage apron and found all sorts of vintage linens that I forgot I had. Realizing that I did not know I had them made it even more fun to put them to good use. Apron is very cute. Also started on my Easter baskets for the 2 swaps, having a lot of fun finding things to fill them. Continuing to make felted wool mittens. Our recent snowfall and below freezing temperatures make mittens a must. And cute ones are more fun.

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