Monday, April 20, 2009

Two issues

Recently I won this darling apron and matching gloves from Carolyn's Kitchen. Isn't it the cutest?!!! Receiving notification that you are a winner is as much fun as receiving the package.

My second issue is prom dresses. My daughter is looking for a long prom dress and what is on the racks is shocking. I do not consider myself prudish at all, but the backless, low-cut, plunging neckline, slinky dresses that are being offered are not at all appropriate for teenage girls. We are constantly being told that our daughters are given unrealistic images of size and shape and that sex is everywhere they look. We went to the BCBG store and the largest size they had was a 6!!! I don't care what size you are or how thin you are, it is not appropriate for a teenage girl to wear what is being offered by many manufacturers. We found a great dress by Jessica McClintock that is beautiful, flattering and modest while still being very stylish. I'm glad that's taken care of...until the next dance.


April said...

So glad you stopped by today and entered my giveaway! Good luck!

I know exactly what you mean about prom dresses and being way over the top for teenage girls! Would you believe that we found my daughter's prom dress at a local consignment store? They had the best selection of anyone around! She and I had the best time and fell in love with the one she ended up with...just right for someone who's 17.

Come back for a visit anytime!

Shiree said...

Hey lucky you winning the giveaway!.. and I so know what you mean about the prom dresses (although we call them formals here in NZ), several years ago our then 16yr old wanted to wear a lovely aqua dress, that really was very nice if the front had not been open down to her naval, and whilst she has a rather stunning young figure, neither myself nor her father were at all impressed with her choice and needless to say, she had to find something a little more conservative, and befitting Rowing man's expectations!