Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This was also in my package

Heidi also sent these wonderful red napkins that I have used on my kitchen table. Couldn't bring myself to storing all the vintage Christmas ornaments so I used a few red, pink and silver ones for a border around this candle. Last night I was thinking about the name of this blog and realized some might think everything in my home is white. So not true and I will post a few photos to show that I love color. Maybe my subtitle should be "white on the outside, colored on the inside". A few pictures of my interior might show up on another post. Today I'm too busy to decide what I want photographed.

There are times when I have to leave the house in order to keep myself from sitting in front of the computer for hours or all day! There are soooo many interesting bloggers out there with lists of the interesting blogs they follow. It's endless and I love it.

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