Thursday, May 5, 2011

this blogging world

Recently there has been some controversy going back and forth concerning quilting. Who cares?!!!
I thought this was a friendly forum free from back stabbing and each of us was free to do and to share what makes us happy. It is a bit like the nasty online dialog between junior high kids. No face attached so anything goes. It is all some form of self-centered, mean girl nonsense. I would guess that many bloggers have been disappointed by something they have encountered thru this online community - swap flakers, swap disappointments, comments - but it is not a reason to be mean to one another.

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Janice (New Brunswick, Canada) said...

Good morning. I am feeling sad this morning. I just found your blog, and saw that you have not made an entry in some time. In reading your posts, I came across this entry. Now I think I understand. It is a shame that your good work and wonderful intentions have been stalled by such small cruel minds. I am baffled as to how these people can find enjoyment in their comments. This type of mentality is out there everywhere, even the strongest well-established people are target for such "playground mentality". I am a firm believer that their day will come, and their actions will bite them in their butts. Maybe it is just jealousy that is the root, I don't know, but it does hurt deeply. Maybe someday you will pick up your pen again, and continue where you left off, stronger and better for this experience.