Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post Christmas relaxation

I am home alone and loving the solitude. Just my Ipod with favorite tunes, a cup of java and my blog. As exciting and fun as the preparations are, it is nice to have time to relax. I don't know what it is like at your house, but here "Mom makes Christmas".

With the crazy weather we are having in the Midwest, we will fore go any travel staying cozy and safe at home. Last night I joined 8 dear women for an evening of champagne, dessert and close friendship. All of us have children within a few years of each other and we raised them together.
We have been thru the ups and downs of life together and have lived to laugh at most of it.

Katie, the hostess, was my next door neighbor when I was pregnant with my first. At the time she had only Emily. When Matt was a toddler, the two of them played together. Now Katie has 6 and Em is in Grad school! Katie's house was drop dead gorgeous with Christmas greenery and decorations. Her live tree was in an urn about 24" - 30" high. The tree itself was probably 5 feet. She filled the urn with pea gravel and water, inserted the tree, and voila! Instant charm!!!
It was beautiful.

My New Year's resolution is to post regularly on my blog and to add pictures. Easy enough, let's see if I can keep this one.