Monday, February 2, 2009

I need help...

This blogging fascination is interfering with my life. Between reading all the interesting blogs available, trying the projects found online and joining irresistible swaps, the rest of my life is suffering. My house is a total dust bunny, the laundry is piled high. Some of it is washed and folded, not put away. Some is dirty and some is in a clean,wrinkled pile. How do you get everything accomplished and still find time to write weekly? Daily entries are beyond my capacity right now.

My new schedule is to devote the morning to housework. At noon I will move on to a different project be it shopping (I enjoy grocery shopping), a craft project or blogging.
Today is the first day of this schedule...let's see if I can make it work.

Any suggestions?


Shiree said...

Oh I so know what you mean, I have spent a lot of time looking at others blogs and getting inspired in thoughts, but very little action as I am too busy reading what everyone else is up to - so lets make a pact to check in with each other weekly, (Monday is a good night for me) and be inspired to get a bit more balance huh!!! I shall see how you go then when I check your blog after the weekend, and will post so that you can see what I have been achieveing - small goals!! .. but better then no goals...

cheers, SHiree

Suze said...

Isn't it amazing how you can log on for a few minutes to check your mail and favorite blogs and then when you look at the clock, two hours have gone by?! Happens to me at least twice a week. Your plan sounds good. I try and get all my errands and cleaning done in the early morning, then work in the studio in the afternoon and blog in late afternoon. It usually works, but not this morning. This is one of my "oops" days.

Speaking of blogging. I'm having a 1 year blogoversary give-a-way. When you get done with your chores, stop bye and sign up for a chance to win my prize.

eRiCa said...

I love/hate getting sucked into the blogging world. There are so many facinating people out there who blog and so many cool ideas!

I have found if I sort out my priorities I can function and still do the whole blogging thing. Occasionally I'll have to days where I let myself indulge but for the most part it's scheduled into my daily routine and I don't let myself budge from that routine.

You'll see that after a while people have a "schedule" they blog it everyday, once a week or whatever...that way you know you don't have to check their blogs so often.

Also try google reader. I have an account but rarely use it because I like to go to people's blogs and not just read their content. The way the blog looks tells a lot about the my opinon.

Diane said...

Hee hee! I have the same problem. I just do things in cycles. Right now I am enjoying blogging so I am letting the laundry pile up and the house to get a little more dirty. In a week or two I will switch gears and get the house back in order.
You just have to do what makes you happy!