Sunday, January 25, 2009

I had a knot in my stomache last week

I work in a very high end retail store and absolutely love what I do. I have been there 7 years and some of my co-workers have become part of my extended family. It is part time which is perfect, the benefits are great, it's close to home, and my 17 year old loves the discount. I was feeling very upbeat after the fabulous inauguration festivities and the support the country showed our new president and his family. That feeling was short lived. Last Thursday and Friday they had to terminate some employees. Thankfully, I am safe - for now. Unfortunately, retail is loaded with young people working to support themselves, get insurance, pay rent and food bills, etc. I do not know how they will find another job in the current retail environment. My entire department was spared. Saturday the store manager announced that the cuts were over.

Before the drama at work, I spent the day with a very good friend who supports herself (and many, many years ago her husband while he was in med school) with her crafts. She is a genius with glitter and a glue gun. And her home is a complete reflection of her artistic bend. It was soooo much fun brainstorming and sharing ideas in a bubble of eye candy. Her home has been photographed and published for a few magazines. Everywhere you look she has a great picture or fabric or plate or something. Like everyone, she is constantly investigating venues to showcase and sell her creations. She is unfamiliar with swaps so I gave her a tutorial. With all the flakers and lack of thank yous, she is not interested.

Once again the weather is bitter cold with sub zero wind chill. It is sunny so I am enjoying sitting at the computer which is positioned in front of a window. In a bit my daughter and I are going to see Marley and Me. I've been told to take tissue.

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Toebi said...

Oh my gosh! YES, I did receive the apron and the very excellent goodies that you included. I trully thought that I sent you a thank you. I guess in all of the traveling for chritmas I made the mistake. I absolutely love the apron, I even took it to Texas and Florida to use during the holidays. Thank you for the apron and the goodies, my son and I used the cookie cutters and had a blast. Thanks again.