Friday, August 7, 2009

a beautiful presentation

A while back I happened upon this blog and love visiting it. What inspiration for a beautifully wrapped gift! Wrapping paper and ribbon has always been a passion of mine and Sande has the ability to combine the two like no one else. Just look at the lush bows and the fabulous papers!
If I never step foot into another Hallmark store, that will be fine with me. I have seen some of these papers at Paper Source and splurged a few times. Now I will feel lax if I settle for anything less.

At the end of June I posted a few pictures of my garden. At the time, I was happy with the size of my plants. 5 weeks later and look at it now! My pumpkin vine is producing 3 pumpkins and I will have tomatoes for the entire neighborhood. Problem with that is everyone's tomatoes will be ready at the same time - feast or famine. Nothing tastes like a fresh, homegrown tomato!

Sunday is the flea market in Walworth County and it is one of the best in this area. The weather is predicted to be hot, hot, hot, but dry. Can't think of anything more fun than a flea market with my girlfriends. We'll get a very early start and be home in time for dinner.

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Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

That Gift Wrapped Life....very cool. I recognize some of the lines of wrapping paper and some of the ribbon lines. Wanted to thank you for entering the give away and to wish you luck.