Monday, August 10, 2009

Flea Market happiness

Several times a year the fair grounds in Walworth County, Wisconsin turn into one of the best flea market in the area. Just about 75 miles north of Chicago. The people are friendly, the merchandise is great and you won't find any tube socks. I call it paradise.

It was very early Sunday morning when we started our drive up. First stop had to be for coffee. There is a fear that a late start imparts - a fear that the really good stuff will be gone. Fortunately, the temperature was a bit cooler there with a wonderful breeze.

I scored immediately with some vintage ornaments and these wonderful bits of ephemera. A tablet of old, hand written recipes and a legal document.

A few days earlier I saw something here and knew I had to have a similar piece. Found this for only $30.00! After that find I was ready to go home, but we continued... glad we did as this was the next find for a mere $10. It is a filing cabinet with 2 drawers. It will get a coat of paint and new drawer pulls and be filled in an orderly fashion with paper and prints and goodies and all the other treasures that are currently so very disorganized.

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vicki archer said...

Great finds...Have a wonderful weekend, xv.