Tuesday, January 5, 2010

easing into a new routine

This is not going to be a daily thing, I have to ease into a blogging routine. It takes time to produce an interesting entry...for me it takes lots of time.

For the past few months I have been making mittens from recycled wool sweaters. I felt the sweaters by washing in very hot water and drying in a very hot dryer. If you are interested in felting, a tip that has made a big difference is to put the sweaters in a lingerie bag so that the wool is contained and not stretched by the agitation of your washing machine. Each sleeve makes a perfect mitten. Cut a hole for your thumb, cut and sew a piece of wool to cover your thumb, and attach to the body of your mitten. Decorate as you please. I do all the sewing by hand as I find it very relaxing. Cute, economical, green and warm! Each of my nieces and my close girlfriends received a pair for Christmas. Half the fun is matching the sweater to the recipient, deciding who gets which pair. I found a few cashmere sweaters and they make the softest, most luxurious mittens ever!

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