Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Days like this are wonderful

Today is one of those glorious days full of sunshine and a cloudless sky. Dinner is ready to heat and I have a bit of time to myself. What do you do when you have extra time? Halloween is on my brain and I am planning a get together for my group of friends. It will be an opportunity to try some new recipes, use my orange and black dinnerware, fill the house with pumpkins and decorations and wait for the screams of "how cute is that". Aren't girlfriends the best thing since sliced bread?!!!

At the beginning of summer a vine popped up in my garden. I was ready to pull it out when my husband suggested leaving it. I now have an assortment of gourds that I can't wait to harvest along with the white baby boo pumpkins that were labeled giant white. I attempted to carve names in a few of the white ones and they seem to be coming along just fine. My fear was that they would rot once the skin was cut. I got the idea here.

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