Friday, September 24, 2010

What I never expected from blogging

The nicest thing that has come from starting a blog is the friendship I have developed with Heidi. It started when we were swap partners and discovered our mutual decorating likes and dislikes, love of everything involving our family and home, passion for quilting and an addiction to antiquing and flea markets. Although we live in different parts of the country, Heidi on the west coast and me in the midwest, we have become fast friends. Heidi, I want to meet you!!! We email about the various flea markets, rating each. When I think about visiting a Brimfield or Round Top, it is Heidi that I want by my side.

Heidi has an Etsy shop called Heidi Devlin Designs that has the greatest pillows. She has been very generous in sending me a few. This is one, somehow I can not get my other pictures to download. Visit her Etsy shop for all the designs.

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