Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The holidays

Now that I've had my fall/halloween dinner party, it's time to start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas is a very stressful time for me since I'm in retail. Very little free time available to entertain or even be the recipient of someone elses entertaining. In the past I have hosted a huge Christmas party that has dwindled down to a small gathering on a week night. This year my daughter wants a mother/daughter party so all the girls that are home from college can see each other. I will make time to share in such a fun time with my baby girl. After tasting the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls, a brunch sounds like a good idea.

There's baking to be done, a quilt to make, shopping for gifts, decorating the house and fitting in some of the fun holiday traditions that have evolved over the years. One that I love is an ornament exchange with the women I met when my kids were young. These are the friends that shared mini gym, play dates and the occasional "Moms' Night Out" to restore sanity. Bib and I went to the same Ob doctor and I had to wait for her to deliver Corby before I could deliver. I still tease her about making me wait. Mo and I met when out boys were a year old and we are still best friends. Raising kids together creates a bond that is deep and strong.

Today I get to share the afternoon with my two neighbor boys who are 7 and 5. They asked if we could bake - Lemon Knot Cookies was the specific request. Love, love, love interacting with them and it appears to be mutual. Better get the butter out to soften...

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