Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A new week

I am completely alone enjoying the quiet. We had a major snow storm beginning early, early Saturday morning and continuing all day. Another was expected Monday, but it missed us. The temperatures have dropped and the windchill is below zero. For all of you Californians I am posting a few pictures. The landscape is truly beautiful with a fresh coat of snow, but the roads are a nightmare! I took these from inside the house where it is cozy and warm. You can see the snow that has filled the birdbath. Pretty to look at, miserable to deal with.

I finished another Valentine swap package. This one was from Prim and Whimsy and had a unique twist. Whatever you made had to have a heart theme and fit in a 5" box! I was very pleased with the outcome of my heart - perhaps I should photograph it resting on a mound of fresh snow! Now it is on to the mini swap. Not necessarily small items, just 3 items. Easy enough. How did I get involved in 3 Valentine swaps?!!!

I mixed the dough for Maida Heatter's Chocolate Shortbread Cookies. One of my very favorite cookies and so very easy to adapt to each holiday with an appropriate cookie cutter. Must get them ready for baking before it is time to prepare dinner. Bye for today.


Firefly Hill said...

Thanks for visiting me! Looks like you have lots more snow that we is fun when it is falling but then you have to dig out! Not so fun, right?

I hope you stay warm this weekend!


Tammy said...

mmmm...shortbread cookies sound wonderful! I too have a bunch of snow. It just keeps coming and it is sooo cold. War cookies from the oven and a cup of tea sounds great.
Come by and say hi sometime.

Schotzy said...

Good morning, and happy Sunday! Just thought I'd pop in and say hello. Tht snow is beautiful. we really need some here. maybe we will get a tad tomorrow or Tuesday, but out water table need the replenish! We have a wonderful laid out before us. I love our church and friends there and then we are going to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner with our best friends! After that I need to just rest up for the subbing I have to do this whole week and next. I got one day in Friday! Good kids, but 9 more days! Whew! It sounds like a killer to me who has been retired for 6 years. If you think of me send along a prayer for strength and patience! Have a lovely week! Blessings! Carolyn